Located on the edge of the city centre, partially hidden away from the infamous neighbouring mega malls, the amongst few debut store is a 700sqft space underlined with a merging of raw materials, combining cement, steel and concrete, offset with subtle doses of natural ash wood and a stunning weeping fig tree. Nodding to local heritage, the shop front offers a contemporary take of the city’s cultural grand mosque and renowned Dubai skyline. The multidisciplinary design incorporates clean lines and sweeping angles – a measured balance between simplicity and detail to further accentuate the classic premium ready­to­wear basics that amongst few is synonymous for.

Easily stereotyped and often misunderstood, Dubai has much more to offer than first meets the eye, and amongst few are leading the charge to change this common misconception. The antithesis to the gold and glitz, amongst few and the new store are a reflection of a city that has grown up out of its roots and is taking shape of its own identity with a young vibrancy at its core. The amongst few brick and mortar offering is a destination for any individual looking to scratch beneath the surface of the city and to hear the heartbeat of real local youth culture.