The greatest of all time died the weekend aged 74. We take a look back at his incredible life in pictures remembering him as truly amongst few.

Muhammad Ali 

Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali stands over fallen challenger Sonny Liston, shouting and gesturing shortly after dropping Liston with a short hard right to the jaw on May 25, 1965, in Lewiston, Maine. The bout lasted only one minute into the first round. AP Photo/John Rooney


Cassius Clay's handlers hold him back as he is announced the new heavyweight champion of the world after a seventh round technical knockout of Sonny Liston at Convention Hall in Miami Beach on Feb. 25, 1964. Photo/AP


Heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali attracts a following as he walks through New York's Times Square on May 25, 1977. Photo/AP


Cassius Clay, as a young heavyweight contender from Louisville, Ky., May 17, 1962. Photo/Stanley Weston


Cassius Clay with his trainer Angelo Dundee at City Parks Gym in New York, Feb. 8, 1962. AP Photo/Dan Grossi


Cassius Clay after winning the gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Rome Olympics. Photo/Central Press


Muhammad Ali after knocking down George Foreman during their bout in Kinshasa, Zaire, Oct. 30, 1974. Photo/ AP 


World Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali after a fight April 16, 1975 in Miami, Florida. Photo/Tim Chapman


The Beatles Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison take a fake blow from Cassius Clay at his training camp in Miami Beach, Fla. on Feb. 18, 1964. Photo/AP


Muhammad Ali with Black Muslim Leader Malcolm X outside the Trans-Lux Newsreel Theater on Broadway, Mar. 1, 1964. They had just watched a screening of Ali's title fight with Sonny Liston in Miami Beach. Photo/AP


Muhammad Ali and Dr. Martin Luther King speak with reporters in Louisville, Ky., March 29, 1967. Ali was here for his court hearing to prevent his Army induction on April 28 in Houston. Photo/AP 


Muhammad Ali holds the torch before lighting the Olympic Flame during the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Photo/Michael Cooper 


Cassius Clay throws his hands up in victory over Sonny Liston, Feb. 25, 1964 at Convention Hall in Miami. Photo/Focus on Sports


Cleveland Williams is spreadeagled on the canvas as referee Harry Kessler sends Muhammad Ali to a neutral corner during their heavyweight bout at the Astrodome in Houston, Nov. 14, 1966. Photo/AP


Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden during the Fight of the Century on March 8, 1971. Frazier won in the 15th round. Referee Art Mercante is shown on the right. Photo/AP


Joe Frazier sticks his chin out as Muhammad Ali points his fist towards him during a news conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 1, 1975 to promote the Thrilla in Manila title bout. Photo/AP


Muhammad Ali prior to his bout with Joe Frazier in 1971. Photo/Joe Migon


Cassius Clay in New York, May 1963. Photo/Express


Andy Warhol photographing Muhammad Ali, his infant daughter, Hanna, and wife, Veronica, Aug. 18, 1977, at Ali's training camp in Deer Lake, Pa. Photo/AP


Zaire's President Mobutu Sese Seko raises the arms of heavyweight champ George Foreman and Muhammad Ali in Kinshasa, Zaire, Sept. 22, 1974, prior to the Rumble in the Jungle. In one of boxing's most memorable moments, Ali stopped the fearsome Foreman to recapture the heavyweight title. Photo/Horst Faas


Muhammad Ali defeats Leon Spinks at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Sept. 15, 1978, to win the world heavyweight boxing title for the third time in his career, the first fighter ever to do so. Photo/ Dirck Halstead/Liaison


Pope John Paul II with Muhammad Ali at the Vatican, June 6, 1982. Photo/AP


Cassius Clay at his west end hotel in London in 1966 before his fight with Henry Cooper. Photo/B. Potter/Express

  Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie enter the Kentucky Center for the Arts before the grand opening gala celebration for the Muhammad Ali Center, Nov. 19, 2005, in Louisville, Ky. Photo/Ed Reinke


Muhammad Ali during the Crystal Award ceremony at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 28, 2006. Photo/Andreas Meier

 Muhammad Ali hugs former President Bill Clinton during the grand opening gala celebration for the Muhammad Ali Center, Nov. 19, 2005, in Louisville, Ky. AP Photo/Ed Reinke  


Heavyweight boxing champ Cassius Clay, March 17, 1966, as he arrived at the Veterans building to appeal his 1A draft classification. Photo/AP


Muhammad Ali is escorted from the Armed Forces Examining and Entrance Station in Houston by Lt. Col. J. Edwin McKee, April 28, 1967, after Ali refused Army induction. Ali says he was a conscientious objector who would not serve in the Army of a country that treated members of his race as second-class citizens. Photo/AP


A group of top African American athletes from different sporting disciplines gather to give support and hear the boxer Muhammad Ali give his reasons for rejecting the draft during the Vietnam War, at a meeting of the Negro Industrial and Economic Union, held in Cleveland, June 4, 1967. Seated in the front row, from left to right: Bill Russell, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Standing behind them are: Carl Stokes, Walter Beach, Bobby Mitchell, Sid Williams, Curtis McClinton, Willie Davis, Jim Shorter, and John Wooten. Photo/Robert Abbott Sengstacke 


Muhammad Ali addresses a gathering at a Black Muslim convention in Chicago, Feb. 25, 1968. Photo/AP


Muhammad Ali takes part in prayers at a Russian mosque during his 12-day visit to the Soviet Union, June 1978. Photo/AP


Cassius Clay points to a sign he wrote on a chalk board in his dressing room before his fight against Archie Moore in Los Angeles, Nov. 15, 1962, predicting he'd knock Moore out in the fourth round, which he went on to do. The sign also predicts Clay will be the next champ via a knockout over Sonny Liston in eight rounds. He did it in seven rounds. Photo/Harold P. Matosian 


Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali riding a horse near the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza, Egypt, 1964. Photo/Keystone/Hulton Archive


Muhammad Ali training for his fight against Brian London in London, Aug. 1966. Photo/R. McPhedran/Hulton Archive


Muhammad Ali arrives at "Celebrity Fight Night X", a charity event to raise money for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center at Barrow Neurological Institute, March 27, 2004 in Phoenix. Photo/Carlo Allegri


Muhammad Ali with his daughters Laila (9 months) and Hanna (2 years, 5 months) at Grosvenor House, Dec. 19, 1978. Photo/Frank Tewkesbury/Evening Standard


President Bush presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Nov. 9, 2005, to Muhammad Ali in the East Room of the White House. Photo/Evan Vucci


Muhammad Ali, with legendary photographer Howard Bingham, during the NBA All-Star basketball game, Feb. 15, 2009, in Phoenix. Photo/Matt Slocum


Muhammad Ali in training at the Royal Artillery Gymnasium in London, in 1966. Photo/Trevor Humphries