As one of the cornerstones of Emirati civilization. For decades, friends, neighbours and families would gather in a Majlis. Every Emirati, young or old are familiar with these gatherings, which serve both as a social and political role. As Emirati society has changed, so as the role of the Majlis. Switching things up for 2015 amongst few hosted a free gathering inside a4 space gallery to showcase their debut collection to the taste of Taqado Mexican Kitchen burritos and the urban sounds of 1992 before unveiling the movie majlis screening of the Tupac Shakur featured cult classic JUICE.

Decked out in bean bag chair seating for 50 people, the movie majlis featured the distinctive smell of Bukhoor incense slowly burning out of a traditional Mabkhara and a giant projector screen playing Ernest Dickerson’s cultural classic JUICE to a tribe of all ages and race.