Dubai’s first-ever premium streetwear label unveils “Delivery Two” – a collection of ready to wear premium quality basics and luxe accessories inspired by the confidence and sophistication of the global nomad.

The men’s contemporary fashiom market receives a second injection of culture, with the introduction of amongst few delivery two – a modern, curated line of everyday apparel and accessories that fuses classic street styling with the diverse influences of the Middle East.

Based out of Dubai, the line takes influence from the lifestyle and ideologies of the Emirates, integrating them with high quality prints, embroidery and modern detailing on premium quality garments.

Delivery Two consists of 12 styles, including buttery soft T-shirts and seamless blended hoodies made from 100% Peruvian cotton, quilted nylon and leather travel bags,100% cotton and wool snapbacks. Each piece is classically styled, incorporating modern advancements with patterned lining and high quality materials to create premium streetwear that carries you through all of life’s occasions.

Inspiration from both Dubai culture and the brand’s ethos is seen in all of the pieces with a variety of techniques that include traditional Ghotra patterns, seamless cotton blends and traditional color palettes. For Delivery Two, the brand highlight ideologies “Whatever It Takes”, “Stay Low and Keep Firing” and “Don’t Believe The Hype” playing off the unique

dichotomy of life in the Middle East. While the ideology “whatever it takes” connotes images of extreme measures to achieve a desired result, the use of “stay low and keep firing” acts as a catalyst to the brand’s mentality of work. Together, the ideologies represent the new generation of influencers in Dubai, who aren’t bound by convention or the social norm. They are, in short, amongst few.